Welcome to Foundry by the Park – Townhomes in Dundalk for Rent

Foundry by the Park is a trusted group that has marked excellence over years of work. Our team consists of highly-qualified crewmates who understand your dreams about a home. We build your homes with the hope to provide you with sophistication that would add to your imagination.

Our townhomes in Dundalk are well-structured and are built using the finest products from trusted brands. Their amenities and ambience make them stand out. We have paid attention to making the environment around these townhomes healthy. They are far off from factories and other places that exceed the safe limit of pollution. Each of these townhomes has its own gardens and galleries.

In case you are in search of townhomes for rent in Dundalk, our team shall guide you towards getting what you desire. The homes at Foundry by the Park are personalized homes around Maryland. They are perfect for you to have homely vibes.

Foundry by the Park has policies that enable the residents to live without much interference. We pay uncompromised attention to maintain a friendly neighborhood.

Experience Astonishing Community Living at Foundry by the Park, Townhomes near Dundalk Park

We are continuously consulting builders and brands to optimize the facilities provided our townhouses. Your happiness makes us happy, and we strive towards happiness for all.

Townhouses are typical houses with one or two of its walls attached to other similar houses. They are generally bigger than apartments, considering that they are either duplex or triplex.

Some benefits of living in townhouses are:

  • Townhouses are generally spacious than apartments. They have enough space for larger families and avoid congestion with items of furniture. Families with children and pets should opt for these larger properties as they provide ample space to play around.
  • Unlike apartments, townhomes have their separate gardens and garages. Sometimes you may even have pools and play yards that add to your community and brings about sophistication to your lifestyle. A Sunday afternoon with your family in your garden seems a good idea, right?
  • Townhouses have more affordable than single-family houses. They provide nearly everything like single-family homes, but at low rates. You only happen to have a couple of neighbors sharing your walls.

We ensure that you have a comfortable stay at our townhomes in Dundalk.

Experience Modern Living at Foundry by the Park Townhomes in Dundalk

You get some fantastic views from our homes. The location itself makes it stand out. The greenery and bright horizons create positive vibes all across the place. Foundry by the Park townhomes are built in scenic places with clean air, far from the madding crowd and yet close to the facilities for town living.

Our townhomes in Dundalk for rent have high-quality construction with equipment from trusted brands. The furniture, carved using modern methods, complement the structure aesthetically and functionally. We have used safe and are sound-resistant materials. The floorings are of hardwood. The walls combine aesthetics, strength, and utility. Pavements and other tiled areas are robust and anti-skid for safety.

The townhomes near Dundalk Park have places for your pets to roam around and play, and have all facilities for them. There are walkways for joggers and gardens for people to relax. The parks and baseball fields let you find joy in physical activities and stay fit.


Amenities like hospitals, shopping stores, grocery stores, clubhouses, etc. are all available near our townhomes in Maryland.  Educational institutes such as schools are at a close distance from these houses. Transportation facilities are wide open to all, whereas online cabs are readily available.


Foundry by the Park has townhomes on lease in Dundalk. You can connect with us through our website to book a visit to one of these houses.