Abraham Maslow, a path breaking American psychologist, says that one of the most basic needs for humans is a feeling of security. That is closely connected to safety, shelter, a place to call home. There is no place as safe as home. Home is where you can let down your guard and be at peace. It is a place that you can always rely on for warm shelter. It is your private space; a place where you are king or queen. It’s your kingdom. Hence, your home means a lot to your self-esteem.

So, it is essential to choose a genuinely comfortable place that you can call home. The search for such a place is not very easy and requires a lot of hard work and effort. In today’s rapidly urbanizing world, cities are popping up, and it is not that easy to find a home in the suburbs.

Plus, it’s expensive to own or even rent a house in the suburbs, especially if you are living alone. In such circumstances, you should try apartment living. Whether you own an apartment or are short-term leasing or looking for rent, apartments are a much better option because they provide a lot of benefits. This article is specially created to help you understand all that you need to know to rent an apartment and also talks about why that’s a great idea.

Benefits of renting an apartment
Renting an apartment comes with its own set of benefits. From convenience to being budget-friendly, an apartment is your best fallback! In case you are living in a big city, renting an apartment is your only choice in finding stable accommodation.

1) Increased access
One of the primary reasons for choosing an apartment is greater access to public services. In other words, if you are living in a big city, apartments are located amidst business locations. Hence, you can have access to hospitals, malls, shopping centers, entertainment facilities, institutions, and so much more. Living in an apartment in a city comes with its perks.

2) Closer to work
Another significant benefit is that it is easier to find apartments near your workplace. So, you don’t have to worry about longer travels or running late, because you live near your workplace. This is one of the essential checklists for anyone moving into a new home.

3) Budget-friendly
It is more economical to rent an apartment. Apartments are the budget-friendly option. They generally cost less and are ideal for college students or people who live alone. Apartments are the budget-friendly option for you!

4) For those who live alone
It is wiser to save money and live in an apartment, especially if you plan to live independently. Apartments are the ideal choice of accommodation for those of you who live alone.

5) Greater safety
Apartments offer greater safety and security. Instead of choosing to live in a lonely suburban home, it is safer to live in an apartment where you are not a lonely resident. You are safer in an apartment where your neighbors can help you.

6) Better opportunities to socialize
What’s more? An apartment gives you a much better chance to socialize as you can always make friends with your neighbors, attend house parties, or even find love. Whatever the case, life in an apartment is sure to be fun and exciting.

7) Compact living
Are you looking for some small and cozy place? Then apartments are the best option for you. Why? Because an apartment offers the compact life that you are looking for.

Essential Checklist for anyone moving into a new home
So maybe you plan to move into a new home. Do you have all that you need to make a move? Here’s a checklist to help you in making your move into a new home.

a) Essential documents
The most important thing that you need to do is to gather all the required documents before you make a move. This includes income statements, employment history, credit report, photo ID, rental history, check book, reference letters for pets, and vehicle-related documents.

b) Essential documents for renting a new home
Here is the list of essential documents that you need to rent a house: title document, share certificate, electricity bills, no-objection certificate, and rental agreement document.

c) Contacting professional movers
Next, you need to contact some professional movers who are skilled in packaging, moving, and unpacking your home articles with care. Rather than take a risk, hire some professional movers to get the job done.

d) Contacting plumber and electrician
You must contact a plumber and an electrician after you have moved into the new place so that you can get help in setting up the pipelines and electrical works.

More about documentation for renting an apartment
Okay. Now that you understand the various benefits of renting an apartment and all the essential checklist items for moving into one, it is time that you place close attention towards gathering all the necessary documents for renting an apartment. To rent the best apartments, you will require the following:

a) Title document
Proof, the rent giver, is the actual owner of the place that he or she has rented to you.

b) Share certificate
Certificates that help establish that the apartment rented out is a part of a cooperative society or colony.

c) Copy of lease
A copy of the signed lease that you have rented the house.

d) Recent bank statements
To prove that you earn enough income to be able to afford the rent for the apartment.

e) Recent credit report
Proof that the renter can be trusted to honor financial obligations.

f) Income statements
Proof that you earn what you claim to earn and hence can afford the rent.

g) Photo ID
Personal identification proof like driver’s license, Green card, passport, etc.

h) No-objection certificate
A certificate which proves that the renter has agreed to the conditions laid down by the landlord to rent the house.

i) Reference letter for pets
In case you own pets.

j) Vehicle-related documents
Like car insurance or proof of registration so that you can park your car in the apartment’s garage.

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