Shifting residence is one of the most exciting but stressful times for a family. Whether you are moving into your own house or into a rented or leased house, the excitement remains constant. However, the entire process brings about a lot of stress.

It’s not just the basic amenities that matter. There are various small things that people often overlook or forget—things can be a matter of concern in the long run. Have a checklist of everything that you need. Set the priorities, and prioritize your needs.

Living in a home that does not serve your wishes will eventually impact you mentally. Imagine, every morning struggling to store enough water or living in a house where safety is a concern. Not flattering, right? This is why sorting priorities before moving into a new house is essential.

Do not compromise on the comforts of your home. You should be able to live a style that you deserve; but without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money.

Let us discuss some of the most common overlooked items that you should keep in mind while moving into a new house:

1. Check whether the area around your house is safe for your family:
You can compromise on anything but the safety of your family. Staying in a place that compromises your security is not smart. It is essential to select a safe place, preferably a place where community living is healthy. The neighborhood should be free of illegal and hazardous activities that might harm or influence your family members. Choose a place where your family can roam around with confidence, without any fear.

2. Check the availability of basic needs:
Medicines and groceries are things that you might require at any hour of the day. Travelling long distances to fetch them is tiring as well as irritating. Make sure that your new apartment has all these facilities around the corner, so that in case of an emergency, you may rush and get them.

3. Availability of enough water and electricity:
Water crisis can kill all the joys of your home. If you are planning to get a home in a busy area, then do check the availability of water there. A short supply of water can be stressful in case you have a big family. Nevertheless, the water that you get should not be hard water, or loaded with elements such as iron and nickel. Certain kinds of water might lead to hair fall and body rashes. Good water and reliable electricity supply are must-have amenities in your new home. Make sure that your new place has regular power supply and power backup systems.

4. Look for places free of pollution:
Pollution adversely impacts your body and pushes you into a dead pool of unhealthy conditions. To protect yourself from diseases, prefer living green. Choose to live in areas where the air is clean and healthy. Your health should be your biggest priority.

And then there are things that you should take care after moving into your new house:

1. Change the locks:
Changing locks is essential. Your safety and privacy is your priority. You never know if the previous tenant had made duplicates of the key. Therefore, you are advised to have your locks checked and replaced.

2. Fix all impaired parts of your home:
You should get all the impaired parts of your home fixed and checked before moving in. It often happens that people procrastinate on repairs. Sometimes they think those are small things; sometimes they want to save some small money; sometimes because they are just lazy. Ultimately, these neglected repairs turn up as big inconveniences, kill the joy of living there, and cause you to lose more money that you’d have spent or repairs.

3. Conduct a pest control:
Do conduct a pest control activity to get rid of any pests that have your home their home too. Cockroaches and rats are extremely unhealthy for kids and spread diseases. Pest control helps in controlling the breeding of mosquitoes and house flies as well. If you are moving into a furnished house, the furniture there will be home to lot of pests. Either ask your landlord to clean up and do pest control measures; otherwise, you do it yourself.

4. Change the address of your documents:
It is inevitable for you to have the current address on your documents. In case you are shifting to your house, get your address changed to avoid confusion in the future. Also, get your address on the shopping websites changed, or else your item may get delivered to your previous home.

5. Check the condition of the fuse and switches:
Parts of your electrical wiring deserve an immediate check. A faulty switch or MCB can be hazardous. If you have kids in your family, then it is even more essential to call an electrician before shifting into your new house. Get your electrical system another layer of safety.

6. Communicate with your neighbors:
Having good neighbors is bliss. You are very lucky if you have helpful neighbors. Try to build good relations with them. This will make your stay at the new place even better.

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