No sooner than we step out of our home are we vulnerable to the polluted environment. With days and decades, the volume of healthy environment is decreasing. There is pollution all around. Right from the air we breathe, to the water we drink, and the food we eat, nothing is free of contamination. Amidst such a scenario, it gets challenging to maintain a healthy atmosphere around our families and us.

Due to the ignorance regarding cleanliness, infants, as well as adults, are getting more susceptible to various diseases. There are instances where pollution and radiation attack the fetus itself, causing extreme harm to the baby. Such cases can be brought under control if we act more responsibly towards making our lives healthier.

Home is where we experience the utmost comfort and safety. We spend most of our cherishable moments there. Therefore it is very important to keep it immunized from pollution. Along with proper food and lifestyle, nourish your family with a healthy atmosphere. Let us learn some ways through which we can make our surroundings greener and healthier:

5 tips for green and healthy living:

1. Maintain gardens and greeneries:
Most of today’s families don’t prioritize to raise a garden. It is the most beneficial thing to do to make the atmosphere around your house healthier for your family. The plants and trees in the garden reduce the level of pollution, and more clean the air gets into your home. They take in the harmful carbon dioxide and enrich the air with the essential oxygen. You eventually get to breathe in much fresher air. Gardening makes the area around your house visually appealing and covers odor. Moreover, you get fresh fruits and vegetables that are fresher and non-toxic than what you get in markets.

2. Proper waste management:
Never throw waste in open places near your house. Maintain a proper waste management system. Dispose of waste only at regular dustbins and public trash cans. To prevent your area from being a breeding place for pathogens, keep it as clean as possible. Do not prefer houses around landfills. These are the places where germs breed leading to the spread of diseases. Houses near such places are prone to foul odor and unhealthy atmosphere which are not ideal for living.

3. Let your house experience maximum sunlight:
Sunlight is one of the essential needs for a home. Fresh mornings wipe out all negativity and spread positive vibes everywhere. It is the sign of a new beginning. Therefore, let this positive aura reach every corner of your house. Do not miss out on beautiful mornings by covering them with curtains. Use translucent materials for your curtains to let light enter through it. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that kill all kinds of germs. The sunlight that enters your room sterilizes it.

4. Practice vermiculture:
Vermiculture is one of the best ways to manage wet waste. People living in an apartment may not get the facilities required for it, but those living in townhomes have the advantage of practicing vermiculture. It is the process of decomposing wet waste into compost with the help of earthworms, white worms, etc. the casting is rich in nutrients and acts as manure for plants. This reduces the amount of waste and converts the organic matter into something supremely useful.

5. Prefer carpooling:
Vehicular exhaust is one of the major contributors to air pollution. The carbon monoxide released by cars and other automobiles is harmful to the human as well as the animal body. Nervous breakdown, heart diseases, nausea, and vomiting are some effects of excess carbon monoxide. And before we realize, our body stops bearing further torture and gives up. To prevent the increase in the level of carbon monoxide in the air, prefer carpooling. This helps in reducing the number of vehicles on roads, consequently decreasing the amount of carbon monoxide in the air. Hence, making the air around your house healthier.

Let us experience all the health benefits of community living by adopting some simple measures to ensure our health. Human habitations have spread far and wide, destroying the balance of nature. Hence, it is our responsibility to make the area around our living quarters a little better than it is. This is the most effective way by which we can maintain healthy living amidst a polluted world.

Let us adopt one tip and then the other. Let us devote ourselves to improving the quality of your life.
The apartments for rent in Dundalk have less space to raise gardens. However, maintaining small plants in the balconies shall also help in filtering the air. Nevertheless, try to spend less on water and electricity. This may not affect you directly but will help to minimize the present crisis of water and electricity in the world.

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