Community Living And All Its Health Benefits

Apartments have premium lifestyle amenities, and many people vie to get to live in such gated communities. The exclusive features and state of the art design are what you have paid to become a reality. Every detailing and specificity is matched to the user’s needs. But now there is a chance for you to avail apartments for rent in Historic Dundalk.

You can move into one of our amazing apartments and enjoy a privileged lifestyle with privacy, luxurious amenities, and other benefits but also get an opportunity to live in a community too. We aim to offer an astonishing community living experience to our residents. The vicinity in and around Foundry by the Park speaks volumes of how the gated community is location-centric.

Foundry by the Park provides enclosed private residential areas with high-end amenities that are great health-wise as well. You will have lush green spaces and reduced levels of toxins and pollution to enter your systems. The air quality in major cities is a pressing issue, but we have ensured that none of this comes to people residing in the plush gated community of luxury apartments. With other added amenities, we ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle at all times. It’s a great place with a lot of like-minded people to build up acquaintances. Since nuclear families are the norm, you can build connections and friendships within the gated community, ensuring mental happiness being one of the perks.

The spaces inside and around the apartment are curated as per user needs to create an interactive environment. The apartment is known for sophistication and every comfort level that the resident can enjoy and benefit from renting such a space. The first thing attracting a person who wants to reside is the sheer comfort that draws them. It gives the resident the joy of living in an independent home because of the apartments’ privacy and space. Yet you can live with other people as part of community living and not feel isolated too.

There are several benefits of living in gated communities

1. You will not have to spend extra money on fitness centers or other places for recreation because luxury apartments boast of:

  • In house gyms with the latest equipment for use, even you can hire a personalized trainer
  • Swimming pools are built on as per guidelines, with a shower and changing area dedicated for men and women
  • Jogging tracks are scientifically built so that you don’t injure yourself while jogging or running.
  • Private Parks having benches and  pebbled area for walks
  • Party halls are their mini celebrations with a stage and other equipment to host parties or events
  • Indoor games space for playing badminton, table tennis, squash, etc.
  • Amphitheater for watching your favorite movies, documentaries, etc.
  • Synthetic Courts for playing sports such as basketball, tennis
  • A golf course for with a spacious area to tee off


2. There is no worry of security because of high electric walls installed, well-trained security staff to man the main gates to ensure controlled entrances. There is technology utilized for monitoring by CCTVs to ensure 24/7 safety for the residents and their belongings.

3. The apartments are trying to work on sustainability so that there is a minimal negative impact on the environment. Every space had undergone intense deliberation before it was placed or made for usage to keep it natural in every way we can. Hence gone eco-friendly in several aspects such as:

  • Inclusive of lush greenery inside the gated community
  • Making sure that rainwater harvesting is done and used to water the plants in the
  • STPs are also part of the eco-friendly facility
  • Usage of solar paneling to light up pathways and lobbies
  • Most of the materials used are sustainable 

4. There are specified designated areas for kids such as:

  • Kids play area
  • Kids swimming pool
  • Reading rooms with books and puzzles, etc.

5. There a private large space dedicated to individual parking of your vehicles. The parking space is covered from any kind of inclement weather conditions, theft, or any miscreants.

6. The apartment is made of spacious rooms, living spaces with bathrooms styled with elegance and comfort. The kitchen space is what is modern yet comfortable for all your culinary experiments. Stylish countertops, sinks, and cabinets that match the décor are part of your luxury home now.

7. You will be privy to spectacular views from your balconies and terraces of the entire city. 

Foundry by the Park apartments is worked upon to get you the best and make sure that all residents can live without pollution and be able to and breathe fresh, live healthily, and lead peaceful lives in the gated community’s confines. We assure you that you will have an enjoyable life experience here in Foundry by the Park in Dundalk.


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