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Enjoy a mix of classic and modern apartments living at Foundry by the park in Dundalk, Maryland. Dundalk is one of the most celebrated suburbs in Maryland. It is more of an extension of the main city of Baltimore than a typical suburb.

Home for a few of the top mid-rise apartments, it is one of the best places to call home for couples and families. What makes Dundalk special is the access to waterfronts, community living, and satisfactory experience of living a luxury life.

Foundry by the park offers one of the most sought after apartments in Dundalk. If you are looking for apartments bestowed with community living, then contact a realtor and arrange for a viewing of the property today. 

Living in Foundry by the park apartments is a treat for your entire family. You can enjoy the best of community living and a comfortable and luxurious stay. The project is surrounded by all essential reach outs such as medical facilities, transportation, reputed schools, utilities, and much more. The major benefits of living in a foundry by park community are:

  1. Pet-friendly community: People having pets sometimes find it very difficult to live in a neighborhood that is not at all pet-friendly. A pet-friendly community always welcomes your pets at home and will help in bringing extra security to the community you are living in.  Foundry by the Park welcomes your pets. There is a monthly pet rent fee. This is an excellent facility for the people who are pet lovers and own pets like dogs and cats.
  2. Community life: Your community makes a big difference in your quality of life. Enjoy a brand-new fitness center, community lounge, on-site laundry facility and children’s playground. All these facilities will keep you happy and healthy. These facilities are very important which can significantly add to the quality of your life.
  3. Eco friendly: The apartments you will find through us will be eco-friendly which will save energy and fulfill all your basic needs and requirements. You should always check if the apartments use natural resources like solar energy to fulfill the basic needs. The apartment facilities at Foundry by the park will make use of natural resources and natural energy. 
  4. Security: Security is the factor that is usually neglected by people while buying a house. Security is a very important factor which everybody should consider. Your home should be a safe shelter for your family. Each house is exceptional, just like your standard of living, so finding a house that is safe for you and your family is very important. The foundry by the park is very safe and perfect if you are worried about the safety of your children and family. 
  5. Convenient parking: Parking service is a very important feature that everyone must look for while buying or renting new houses. It is very important because the parking issue is a major problem in independent housing localities. You should always check if there is a wide space available for parking and also check if there is any space available for the visitors’ parking too. Never worry about parking at Foundry By the park. A surface lot is available, and spots can be rented in our private garages. So, parking your vehicles at a safer place is not a problem here. 
  6. Kitchen amenities: Home is where the food is. The kitchen features a dishwasher, frost-free freezer, eat-in area, and oven. A good kitchen is very important in order to prevent any further issues. The kitchen has inbuilt dishwashers, ovens, etc. Foundry by the park provides your apartments with excellent kitchens that will make your work easy and convenient. 
  7. 24/7 water supply: Water is very important for our day to activities and needs. You should always check if there is a 24/7 water supply in your new apartment. Apartments you will find here will have a good supply of water to fulfill the basic activities throughout the day.
  8. Greenspace: Green space is the perfect amenity for city-dwelling residents. A beautifully landscaped and comfortable area with lots of green space can help residents find peace after a hectic schedule. Foundry by the park will provide you all this facility which will help you in relaxing after having a tiring day. 
  9. Additional perks: You should always look for the additional perks and incentives when buying a house. These features will provide you a lot of comforts and will make your living a luxurious one. The area is perfect for nature lovers and for the people who prefer living in less polluted areas.

All these benefits make foundry by the park community the best place to live in.

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