If you truly love pets, living in a pet friendly community can be the best decision that you have ever taken.

If you have pets or like to interact with them, a pet friendly community is a very good opportunity to make a whole family of pets. Here are some pros and cons for living in a pet friendly community that every pet owner must know:

What are the PROS of living in a pet friendly company?

  • Your pets are welcome at your home: Being a lone pet-owner at a property can be very stressful. Someone knocks on the door, or a doorbell rings on TV, and your dog won’t stop barking. All this would make you worry about upsetting your neighbours. It might also be possible that you may have a cat that is prone to sneaking out. In a pet-friendly community the occasional bark or the chasing of pets is not a thing to be worried about. Most of your neighbours will have pets and they will understand the struggle of keeping pets.
  • Pets will bring an extra level of security to your community: Dogs make a lot of noise and are very protective of their owners which protect your house from theft and will discourage someone from breaking into your house. Even if you don’t have a pet dog, other pet dogs will bark at unfamiliar faces, so anyone lingering around your house will think several times before entering your house.
  • More pets can equal a better community: There are many studies that have shown that pets help in bringing happiness and friendliness to the society. If you’ve got happy residents, you’ll have a happy property. Everyone wants a happy property. Also, there’s a greater likelihood that residents will bond because of their pets, which means that a pet friendly community is one which is very close and will live together like a family.
  • An Opportunity to charge higher rent: If other rental properties in your area are not pet-friendly, you might be able to charge more rent for living in a house in a pet friendly community. Higher rent can work in your favor long-term.
  • Larger Tenant Pool: If your community is pet friendly, you will have people who are more interested due to demand for pet-friendly rental housing. Similarly, responsible pet owners often make suitable tenants.

What are the CONS of living in a pet friendly company?

  • You can’t predict how your pet will react: You cannot be sure of how your pet will react when he will get to see other people around. There are chances that your pet may react in a bad manner and sometimes it is even possible that your pet may become aggressive and may attack someone. So you are never sure of how your pet will behave and how your pet may react in a pet friendly community.
  • Some pet owners are not very responsible: While you may be vigilant about keeping your pet healthy, well-behaved and upto date on medications and other requirements for the well-being of your pet, the same cannot be necessarily said for all the pet owners.
  • Everyone’s animals are welcome in your community: People can tolerate their pets but it becomes very difficult for them to tolerate others pets. While you may think it’s a good thing when your cat gets “talkative,” your neighbor on the other side of the wall might be losing their mind. Also, if you’re dressed up for a special occasion, you know what a happy feeling it is to step out the door without any dog or cat hair on you. All of that goes out the window when your neighbor’s friendly pet runs up to you for a hug and leaves you with his hair all over your fancy clothes.
  • Odor: Pets that are not properly groomed may spread unwanted pet odors throughout the building. In such cases, it is not very pleasant to stay in a building that has a foul odor all the time.

All in all, your ability to be happy at a pet-friendly property depends on two things: your level of affection and tolerance for pets, and how effective your management company is at enforcing the rules. So before you move into a new house, figure out where you stand when it comes to pets and have a good talk with your property manager regarding their policies on pets. A good pet friendly community will help you to live happily with your pet without any worries.

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